Important Information about Leather Product Usage

Important Information about Leather Product Usage

1. Surface Scratches May Be More Noticeable on Some Types of Leather Than Others

Sharp objects such as fingernails may leave scratch marks on products that present the natural expression of leather or on leather that has a soft and smooth texture.

Although the scratches will become less noticeable with use over time, a scratch generally won’t fade once the damage occurs, so please be careful.

2. Overstuffing May Lead to Deformation

The overstuffing of storage compartments and pockets of bags or of too many receipts and cards into a wallet may cause the leather to become deformed, misshapening the product.

3. Possible Color Transfer, Color Dulling, Color Fading

Tsuchiya Kaban prefers not to use color fixing processes in order to preserve the natural texture of the surface of the leather material. As a result, friction or exposure to water can cause color dulling, while other times dye can get transferred onto light-colored clothing. In addition, when leather is exposed to sunlight or indoor illumination for a long period of time, the color may change due to fading.

4. Please Waterproof Real Leather

When leather comes into contact with rain or water, spots or blisters may appear, and there may also be color dulling, swelling, or deformation. Please be careful not to expose leather to rain or any other type of liquid. If leather does get wet, please use a dry cloth to wipe away the moisture as quickly as possible. You can avert the aforementioned situations and keep the leather beautiful by proactively waterproofing the leather beforehand.

5. Friction Between Leather and Hardware or Humidity May Result in Color Dulling or Discoloration

Metal hardware such as zippers, fasteners, bag feet, or strap and handle connectors may corrode or become dull due to humidity or friction, which can then affect leather and clothing. The temperature, humidity level, and chemicals in the air all have an effect on metal hardware and can cause acidification, discoloration, and corrosion.

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